Can you tell us how he saved your life?

he’s got me through many things. last March, i found out that my Dad has Parkinson’s disease, and that kinda just fired a giant canon ball hole in my family (does that make sense idek) basically, it broke us, because i come from a pretty healthy family, an insane family at that, but a healthy one haha. and none of us have ever really had a major sickness and we’re pretty strong, then my Dad gets Parkinson’s disease. I was left depressed for weeks, more so it was the shock of finding out about my Father than anything else. I was also getting bullied by literally everyone in my town. like, I’d go outside, just to go to the shops, and bitchy girls would come up and say stuff like “you’re ugly” “go cut yourself, emo bitch” and that’s always fun. finding out about my Dad, and at the same time getting bullied by bitchy girls, it left me feeling depressed. I was also avoiding my Dad, because he looked that much more ill every time i saw him, like he was getting skinnier and that. one night, i really felt like it was the end of the world. I felt like i wanted to just end it all and as though that would be the easiest way out. I was on facebook and a friend of mine popped up in chat and i just spilled everything to her. I told her i was depressed and just really seriously considering committing suicide, she told me to watch Phil’s YouTube videos and she linked me to his latest at the time, i watched it and slowly started to feel a bit better. I spent that night watching his videos and felt fairly happy the next day. so yes, if i hadn’t clicked on that link, i probably would have gone through with suicide that night. and i am glad i didn’t too, because i have had a pretty tough year, but having Phil around (as in his videos, tweets, live shows etc.) has really helped. I was bullied a lot in school that it really lowered my self-confidence, I’ve always been shy, too, but Phil’s videos have helped me to feel a lot more confident and a little bit less shy. also, he gave me the motivation to see my Dad again! that and Christian (Novelli) saying that i had to see him even though it was hard, he is my Dad, after all. at the moment i feel i am completely losing my mind, i’ve been going to the Doctor’s a lot to find out what’s wrong and it’s honestly terrifying. I am genuinely petrified to find out what’s wrong, but Phil is making me feel better about it :) and generally, if i ever just have a bad day, Phil is always the one to put the smile back on my face.

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