My first one of these, I hope you enjoy! :)

I’ll start it off: I will marry Dan, Lisa will be my female best friend, Destery will be my male best friend, we will live in house number 2 in Venice, we will drive a VW camper, have a pet spider monkey & 3 kids & I will marry him in dress number 2.

That.sounds.PERFECT! I have always wanted to visit Venice but living there with Dan as my husband sounds like perfection & my favourite car is a camper & I want 2 or 3 kids, wow. It’s fate.

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    Husband: Destery Moore
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    My Husband: Destery
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    I will marry: Destery Best female friend: Brittani Taylor Best male friend: Destery (again) number 5 You’ll live in:...
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    I will marry Destery, my female best friend will be Jenna, my male best friend will be Destery, we will live in house #1...
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    1.) Dan 2.) Cat 3.) Matt 4.) House #6 5.) London, omfg. Dan Lives there already. This is perfect. 6.) Turtle 7.) Dress...
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    My husband will be Damon Fizzy. My female best friend will be Jenna Marbles. My male best friend will be MattG124. My...
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    After getting Dan for husband and best friend I can only assume I’m being his beard in exchange for a huge house, combie...
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    Husband: Phil BFF Female: iJustine BFF Male: Dan House #4 Lives in: London RV Elephant (hopefully puppy sized) #4 1...
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    Husband: Dan :D BFF Female: Brittani (WOO) BFF Male: Dan (aww :3) #5 I’ll live in: A jungle (lol wtf XD) Bus Turtle ;)...
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    1) Husband: Charlie 2) Best (Female) Friend: Brittani 3) Best (Male) Friend: Cyr 4) House: 5 5) Where: London 6)...
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    1) Destery(: 2) Brittani 3) Matt G 4) House 2 5) London 6) That old 60s hippy bus :3 7) Kitten :3 8) Dress 3 9) 1 kid (:...
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    marry destrey, girl best friend is jenna, guy best friend is Destery, house #1, live in orlando, , transportation an...
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    Husband: Phil Best Female Friend: Jenna Best Male Friend: Dan #6 Live In: Hawaii Fricking elephant! Kitty #2 4 I could...
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    Yayy :3 My husband = Phil (Be jealous bitches ;D) My best Female Friend = iJustine
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    Husband: danbest friend female: ijustine best friend male: Mattg124 #5 Live in: london big red bus turtle #5 20 i love...